30 Fun Things to Do with Friends in Hong Kong



Looking for places to hang out or are best enjoyed with friends in Hong Kong? From theme parks, games, races, bars, nature, and museums, here are 30 activities ideas that will feel twice as fun when spent together. Let’s dive in. Have a Blast at the Themeparks What better way to have lasting memories with…

Looking for places to hang out or are best enjoyed with friends in Hong Kong? From theme parks, games, races, bars, nature, and museums, here are 30 activities ideas that will feel twice as fun when spent together. Let’s dive in.

Have a Blast at the Themeparks

What better way to have lasting memories with your friends? Visit some of the world’s best theme parks in Hong Kong. It will feel more enjoyable when you have someone to share the moment with.

1. Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland Castle.
Hong Kong Disneyland Castle. Photo credit © Ashwin Kumar (CC BY-SA 2.0) modified

Hong Kong Disneyland is a magical place to visit, with seven different themed zones to explore. It may be smaller than the one in Japan, but it still has plenty of attractions to enjoy, and the wait times are generally shorter. While it can get crowded, weekdays are generally less busy. 

It’s a good idea to bring umbrellas and water, as the weather can be hot or rainy. Fans of Frozen and Marvel can look forward to new zones opening in late 2023 and 2024. At night, check out the fireworks and the parade, both of which are great. 

2. Ocean Park

Hong Kong Ocean Park Entrance.
Hong Kong Ocean Park Entrance. Photo credit © Kasnsiram (CC BY-SA 4.0) modified

Just next to the Water World is Ocean Park’s amusement park. This can be a great alternative to Disneyland if you’re just looking for exciting rides with more affordable price and a less crowded place. One of the highlights of the park is its cable car, which will take you from the park’s lower area to the summit.

3. Water World

If you want to escape the summer heat or looking for something wetter, head to Ocean Park’s Water World in the southern part of Hong Kong Island. It is a water-themed park where you can go on thrilling slides, wave pools, and rivers.

Try Exciting Indoor Experiences Together

Do you love to play first-person shooter, survival, or RPG games? Try virtual reality experience. Instead of just playing through the screen, you can experience the game in an immersive way as if you’re inside its world.

Or looking for something more unusual, mysterious, and life-changing? There’s a place for that in Hong Kong and is still relatively few in other parts of Asia.

4. Sandbox VR

Sandbox VR provides a virtual reality game experience where you can feel your body transformed into a virtual one. Based on popular films like Squid Game, Star Trek, and others built by EA, Sony, and Ubisoft, you can see, touch, and interact with each other inside the virtual worlds. Each person costs HK$345 – HK$370 per game and you can bring up to 5 of your friends. Check their latest games on their website. Sandbox VR is located in Tsim Sha Tsui and Causeway Bay.


If you want to shoot some zombies, be chased by dinosaurs, or try more cute games, consider VAR LIVE HK. They feature games like Jurassic Park, Resident Evil, and more. They charge HK$280 for 3 games, each around 15 minutes. It’s best to bring at least 3 of your friends as some games require 4 to 8 players. Check their latest games on their website. VAR LIVE HK is located at D2 Place ONE shopping mall and is easily reachable from Lai Chi Kok MTR station.

6. Dialogue In The Dark

Unlike Sandbox VR and VAR LIKE HK, Dialogue In The Dark is not a game. It is an experiential exhibition where you will be escorted by visually impaired guides for about 75 minutes in complete darkness and silence. Some said that it is not only a unique experience, but also a moving and eye-opening one. It is located at D2 Place ONE as well.

Cheers at Fun Matches & Horse Races

Horse racing is a very popular entertainment and regulated gambling enjoyed by the locals. You don’t have to gamble; you can simply be part of the crowd to feel the excitement. Besides horse racing, you can also watch rugby and soccer tournaments in Hong Kong.

7. Happy Valley Racecourse

Inside the Happy Valley Racecourse at Night.
Horse racing track inside the Happy Valley Racecourse. Photo credit © TypeZero (CC BY-SA 4.0) modified

Happy Vallery Racecourse is one of the two racecourses in Hong Kong, which is located just next to Causeway Bay. For an entrance fee of just HK$10, you could feel the exciting crowd and atmosphere combined with the adrenaline-inducing horse race. The racing season starts from September to July. If you want, you can also place bets with the help of computerized systems.

8. Sha Tin Race Course

Hong Kong Reunification Horse Race at Sha Tin Racecourse
Horse Race at Sha Tin Racecourse. Photo credit © Will629 (CC BY-SA 4.0) modified

The other racecourse is located further north in Sha Tin. If you want to feel a more local atmosphere and see higher-level races, this is the place to go. Several prestigious events are usually held here like the Hong Kong International Races and Chinese New Year Race Day.

9. Hong Kong Stadium

World Cup Qualifier at Hong Kong Stadium
Hong Kong World Cup Qualifier match at Hong Kong Stadium. Photo credit © Studio Incendo (CC BY 2.0) modified

Perfect for rugby fans, this is where you can watch the city’s iconic sports event, The Hong Kong Sevens. Usually held in late March or early April, the 3-days event is full of energy and cheering crowds that will get you excited even if you’re not a rugby fan. Hong Kong Stadium is located in So Kon Po, which is near Causeway Bay and just a 10-minute drive from Happy Valley Racecourse.

Experience Hong Kong Nightlife

If you’re the type of person who rarely gets tired, you’ll love Hong Kong’s nightlife. As the sun goes down, the city starts to show its vibrant side. Bars, pubs, and nightclubs with their lively music and partygoers start to liven up the city. You’ll find the experience fun and diverse.

10. Rooftop Bar

Victoria Harbour View from Hong Kong Rooftop Bar
Photo credit © Ilia Torlin

Nothing beats having cocktails with friends while watching sunset and one of the world’s most beautiful skyline lights up at night. You can do so from many of Hong Kong’s rooftop bars that give you prime views of Victoria Harbour. Several top recommendations include Ozone at The Ritz-Carlton in West Kowloon, Aqua in Tsim Sha Tsui, Sevva in Central, and more.

11. Lan Kwai Fong

Lan Kwai Fong Central Hong Kong
Photo credit © Wiki.lkfa (CC BY-SA 3.0) modified

When the sun sets, the party begins at Lan Kwai Fong, one of Hong Kong’s most buzzing nightlife hubs. It’s the perfect spot to hang out with your friends, where you can choose from over 90 restaurants and bars. Whether you want to dance the night away or find a cozy corner for some drinks during happy hour, Lan Kwai Fong has got you covered.

12. Soho

SOHO and Central Mid Levels Escalator at Hong Kong
SOHO and Central-Mid-Levels escalator in Central. Photo credit © Honahjs Lwueimahag (CC BY-SA 4.0) modified

A short walk from Lan Kwai Fong is Soho, also a great place for drinking and dancing. You can expect a great nightlife vibe and plenty of restaurants and bars. Don’t forget to also try going there via the world’s longest outdoor elevator.

Explore Eye-Catching Museums

Hong Kong has many beautiful museums filled with amazing exhibits. If you or your friends love art, definitely visit one. You can take pictures of each other and fill your feeds with eye-catching photos, which is hard to do when traveling alone.

13. M+ Museums

Hong Kong Palace Museum is situated in West Kowloon Cultural District, with expansive park that you can enjoy.
Hong Kong Palace Museum is situated in West Kowloon Cultural District, with an expansive park that you can enjoy. Photo credit © Yiu Tung Lee

M+ Museum is a global museum of visual culture. The museum offers a unique blend of culture and sightseeing. You can head to the public roof garden to get an amazing view of Victoria Harbour. The museum is located in the Art Park of West Kowloon Cultural District, which is a nice place to chill with your friends while enjoying the harbour. The admission price is HK$120

14. Hong Kong Palace Museum

Also located in West Kowloon Cultural District, the museum has a diverse range of exhibitions, stunning architecture, and engaging multimedia experiences. The admission price is only HK$60 and it offers excellent dining options and coffee spots to enjoy the view.

15. Hong Kong Museum of Art

Located next to Avenue of Stars, art and calligraphy lovers will love the collections there. Make sure to also enjoy the spectacular view of Victoria Harbour from the panoramic window.

Marvel at Victoria Harbour View

A visit to Hong Kong is never complete without visiting Victoria Harbour. Hong Kong’s famous harbour is a spectacle to behold and is the perfect experience to share with your companions.

16. The Peak Tram

Peak Tram Central Terminus Hong Kong
Photo credit © LN9267 (CC BY-SA 4.0) modified

One of the top tourist attractions in Hong Kong is The Peak, and the most recommended way to reach it is by taking the Peak Tram. The ride is a thrilling experience with spectacular views of Victoria Harbour.

17. Peak Tower

You can see Victoria Harbour's iconic bird's eye view from The Peak.
You can see Victoria Harbour’s iconic bird’s eye view from The Peak. Photo credit © Yiu Tung Lee

The Peak Tram will stop at The Peak Tower. It is a shopping mall that has an observatory deck on top of it called Sky Terrace 428. Admission ticket to go up the deck is HK$75 per adult. You can get a stunning aerial view of Victoria Harbour from the highest viewing point in the area.

18. Sky100 Observation Deck

Aerial view of Hong Kong Victoria Harbour in the afternoon.
Aerial view of Hong Kong Victoria Harbour in the afternoon. Photo credit © Yiu Tung Lee

Located just next to West Kowloon Cultural District, Sky100 is located inside the city’s tallest skyscraper, the International Commerce Centre (ICC), in Kowloon. Unlike The Peak, you can get a  360-degree panorama view of Victoria Harbour and other areas of Hong Kong.

Hang-out at Victoria Harbour

Bored of hanging out in crowded city cafes and malls? There are many great spots along the harbour to chill together while soaking in the city’s breathtaking view.

19. Avenue of Stars

Avenue of Stars has handprints of famous Hong Kong celebrities along its railings. It also has excellent street-view of Victoria Harbour.
Avenue of Stars has handprints of famous Hong Kong celebrities along its railings. It also has excellent street-view of Victoria Harbour. Photo credit © Jackimage520429

This is the perfect photo spot to take pictures together with your friends with the famous Hong Kong skyline in the background. You’ll also find plaques and handprints of famous film stars like Jackie Chan, Andy Lau, and others as well as a life-sized statue of Bruce Lee.

20. Hong Kong Junk Boat

Junk Boat Hong Kong
Photo credit © Serjio74

You may have seen the iconic Junk Boat with its red flag on many Hong Kong travel advertisements. From HK$270 per person, you can get a drink while enjoying Victoria Harbour’s view with your friends. There are other packages as well, like afternoon tea or dim sum cruise.

21. Peninsula Afternoon Tea

The Peninsula Hotel Restaurant Hong Kong
The Peninsula Hotel interior. Photo credit © Studio Incendo (CC BY 2.0) modified

The Peninsula is one of Asia’s legendary hotels and Hong Kong’s oldest which first opened in 1928. To best feel the elegant interior, have an afternoon tea with your friends. It currently costs HK$ 508 for one person and HK$ 898 for two.

22. West Kowloon Art Park

West Kowloon Cultural District Art Park Hong Kong
Photo credit © LN9267 (CC BY-SA 4.0) modified

Want to enjoy the harbour while relaxing or sipping some coffee? Head to the Art Park of West Kowloon Cultural District. It is a nice place to chill at the cafes or have a picnic at the park. You can also get a good view of the sunset there.

23. Hong Kong Observation Wheel

Hong Kong Observation Wheel at Dusk in Central
Photo credit © Jackee Lainebla MC (CC BY-SA 4.0) modified

Looking for a great evening view or a romantic date? Head to AIA Vitality Park in Central and ride the Hong Kong Observation Wheel. For just HK$20 per person, you can get a beautiful view of the harbour for around 15 minutes. The view is generally considered better at night.

24. East Coast Park Precinct

You can see the uniquely shaped CWB East Vent Shaft along with a panoramic view of Victoria Harbour in East Coast Park Precinct.
The CWB East Vent Shaft adds to the charm of the area, making it a photogenic spot. It is also a good place to hangout. Photo credit © LN9267 (CC BY-SA 4.0) modified

East Coast Park Precinct is another great place to chill while catching the sunset. You can roller skate, skateboard, or simply enjoy the lively atmosphere there. Moreover, the place itself is quite scenic and eye-catching, making it a great photo spot. The promenade is located in Fortress Hill, Causeway Bay.

Explore the City’s Largest Island

Been trying to escape the city’s life for a while? Visit Lantau Island, which is around an hour by MTR from the city’s center. You may know it for where Disneyland is, but it is also home to some of Hong Kong’s top attractions and many hiking trails.

25. Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car

Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car Lantau Island Hong Kong
Photo credit © Sparktour (CC BY-SA 4.0) modified

If you and your friends are in Lantau Island for the first time, you should explore Ngong Ping Village. The most recommended way to get there is to ride Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car. Along the 25-minute ride, you can enjoy the beautiful view of Lantau Island with your friends.

26. Big Buddha

Big Buddha Lantau Island Hong Kong
Photo credit © Vincentstthomas

Tian Tan or Big Buddha is the main highlight of Ngong Ping Village. However, you will need to climb the 268 steps to reach the base of the statue. Once you reach the base, you can visit the exhibition hall, where you can discover relics and artifacts related to Gautama Buddha.

27. Hike Lantau Trail

Sunset Peak Lantau Island Hong Kong
View of sundown and silvergrass field from Sunset Peak. Photo credit © james jiao

Going to Lantau Island isn’t complete without exploring its vast mountains. Just a short walk south of Ngong Ping Village will take you to Lantau’s hiking trail. The two famous spots are Lantau Peak and Sunset Peak. The former is ideal for catching sunrise views, while the latter is for sunset.

Sunset & BBQ at the Beaches

Hong Kong is undeniably a busy and crowded place. Hearing the sound of waves, watching the sunset, and having a chat or BBQ with your friends is a great way to relax and relieve stress. Fortunately, getting away from the city center is easy. Here are some great beaches on Hong Kong Island to spend the day with your friends.

28. Repulse Bay

Repulse Bay Hong Kong
Repulse Bay. Photo credit © Wing1990hk (CC BY 3.0) modified

Repulse Bay is a relatively quiet beach located in a high-end residential area. The beach is quite scenic and you can enjoy the beautiful sunset sky. There’s also The Pulse, a shopping mall with al fresco dining options by the beach. It’s a great place to chill with coffee or beer.

29. Stanley Beach

Stanley Main Beach.
Stanley Main Beach. Photo credit © Chong Fat (CC BY-SA 3.0) modified

Heading further south from Repulse Bay is the more lively Stanley Beach, especially in June when there is the annual Dragon Boat Race. It’s also a great spot for BBQs.

30. Shek O Beach

Shek O Beach.
Shek O Beach. Photo credit © DIrk Ingo Franke (CC BY-SA 3.0) modified

Unlike the more modern Repulse and Stanley Beach, this Beach is situated by the small village of Shek O. You can explore the shops and restaurants in the nearby village or have a barbecue at the beach.